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Established in 1946, the United Bible Societies (UBS) is the collective name for our fellowship of 147 individual Bible Societies working in over 200 countries and territories. Bible Societies share a common mission in the efficient use of God-given resources of placing the Word of God in the hearts and minds of the people they serve.

Serving Laos

There is more than 100 years of history of organised Bible work in Laos. This can be traced back to 1902. During that time, the Bible work in Laos was part of The Bible Society of IndoChina (a branch of the British and Foreign Bible Society).

Subsequently, The Bible Society in Laos was established in 1965 but disrupted in 1975. At present, while there is no formal Bible Society in the country. Nonetheless, Scripture translation and production continues through partnership between the United Bible Societies and local churches. Our team in Vientiane continues with the same vision as our predecessors and colleagues around the world to make the Word of God accessible to all peoples.

Born to be King
A Friend for All
The Mighty Seviour
A ministry of the United Bible Societies
Children Bible - NEW
Mark's Gospel - NEW
Luke's Gospel - NEW
A Visually Impaired Entrepreneur
He was not born blind. In 1998, a motorbike accident caused his lost of sight but he was not one to lose hope

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The Laos Partnership Team

Now Available:

Ex Medium Discovers Power of Truth
Bounthai was a Buddhist medium. His father was also a professional medium ...

Bible verses in the rice paddies
When Christians work in the rice paddies or grow fruit, they pray for blessings upon the land
Young people the lifeblood of the Laotian Church
It was an ordinary Sunday in Vientiane, the capital city of Laos.
United Bible Societies 2010

A Journey of a Khmu Pastor
Acharn (Pastor) Aliya is sixty nine year old and a Khmu pastor at Viengkham Church

Christians in Laos

The Revised Lao Bible
The revision of the Lao Bible was officially completed in December 2009. The 'REVISED LAO BIBLE 2010' is being typeset, the translation team is also working on extra biblical materials and reviewing the details. We expect the Revised Lao Bible be printed before the end of 2010 and available before the end of 2011.

The Children Bible
The Children Bible in Laotian (from Lion Hudson Publisher) is now available. You may purchase this book at Thailand Bible Society in Bangkok or LEC office at Nakham Church, Vientiane.  For order more than 100 copies please contact info@biblelaos.org.

The Bible Translation in Laotian

From the Gospel of John, started in 1903... to the Revised Lao Bible completed in 2010.