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Early Translations

1903:     With help from nationals, Mr. Contesse started the translation of the New Testament in Lao. First book translated: Gospel of John.

1908:     The first Scriptures in Laotian were published - three gospels: John, Matthew & Luke

1926:     The New Testament published by British & Foreign Bible Society. Lao typographic prepared by Mr. Willy was made in Marseille, France).
                First printing 5,000 copies.

1932:     Publication of the complete Bible.  Swiss missionary, Mr Fritz Audétat was the key translator.
                Typographical composition was undertaken in Hanoi, two and a half years.
                “Audétat” version uses simple vocabulary, but it is a formal (literal) translation.
                Thirty years later, Lao Christians considered this remarkable work out of date, and requested for a more modern translation.

The “Roffe” New Testament

1960s     George E. Roffe, from C&MA, started a new translation of the New Testament.

1973       First publication of the “Roffe” version of the New Testament, by the Bible Society in Laos

Lao Common Language Bible

1983:     The revision of the Old Testament (Common Language) was undertaken by Pastor Boliboun Sithideth (in Canada) and
                Mrs. Keo Douangsy Kounthapanya (in USA). This project was normally the continuation of the translation interrupted in 1975.
                A group of reviewers was appointed. But, political situation made project coordinating or monitoring difficult.

2000:     Publication of the Lao Common Language Bible.

Revised Lao Bible

July 2002   Formation of the Revision Lao Translation Committee of seven member, by the United Bible Societies (UBS) in partnership with the
                    Lao Evangelical Church (LEC). Dr  Young-Jin Min was assigned by UBS as Translation Consultant, and LEC appointed
                    Mr. Bounthanh Chanthoumnivong and Mrs. Bounveune Kommamuang as translation team.

March 2007 :  The Revised New Testament was published.

2010        The entire Bible was revised

2011        Expected date for the release of the Revised Lao Bible : June 2011

Lao Revision Committee
A group of the reviewers
Lao New Testament 1973
(Roffe NT)
Lao Common Language
Bible 2000
Revised Lao New Testament